Wednesday, September 7, 2016

House of Eire

Finding out your ancestors is something that many individuals find interesting. But sometimes there is mystery and adventure in what you find. June Gillam's third book House of Eire is all about this.

The Story

This book takes Hilary Broome to Ireland. She is searching for more information about her ancestors. She travels with her husband Ed. Along the way they meets a friend who is encouraging a developer to add a memorial museum to an amusement park he is developing.

What I Think

This book is full o f Irish history which makes it interesting. I enjoyed the way the author told the story. It moved quickly, and it was full of action. I didn't want to stop reading. I liked how she tied in the history of Ireland with her story. And I liked that the book was well written. Overall, I enjoyed reading this book.

Who Will Enjoy This Book

It's obvious anyone who enjoys mysteries full of suspense will enjoy this book. If you have read the other books in the Hilary Broome series, this book will  not disappoint you. Individuals who enjoy books who keep their facts straight will also find this book enjoyable. The author did seem to have the History of Ireland correct. And then individuals who want a combination of a suspenseful story while they are learning something about Ireland will also enjoy this book.

About The Author

June Gillam is a literature and writing teacher in Northern California. She is the author of four other books. Including two other mysteries with Hilary Broome.


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  1. Thanks for the review! I hope readers will enjoy this adventure in Ireland along with Hillary.