Saturday, September 24, 2016

Life Lessons Learned From The Walking Dead

The new season of The Walking Dead will begin next month. And of course we all waiting to see what happens after last seasons cliffhanger. But there are a few things I have learned over the past seasons that apply to everyday life.

Always Buy Good Shoes

With all the walking and running that people have to do during the zombie apocalypse, you need a good pair of shoes. They need to be rugged, comfortable, and most importantly they need to fit will. And if you find some really good shoes hang on to them.

Food Is Everywhere

In season six Carol bakes cookies. Everybody who has watched the show knows she is a great cook. But this episode showed just how creative she really is. She makes cookies out of acorns and beets. Yeah, there are other ingredients, but she scrounged around and found a way to make something that tasted great out of what was available.


Many things can be turned into a weapon. We always hear about gun control. Keep in mind that Morgan's weapon of choice is a stick. And that stick is deadly.

Prepare For Everything

Learn as much as you can whenever you can. Eugene is an unlikely person to survive the zombies, but he has knowledge of odd things that have helped him survive. Well some of his knowledge including the ability to get others to protect him. But hey he has turned into a true survivor in the past couple of years.

Where You Start Doesn't Dictate Where You Will Go

Before the world was taken over by zombies, Glenn was a pizza delivery guy. He has grown into a key figure in the survival of the community he belongs to. He defends it. And his opinion is valued in decision making. Who would have thought the pizza guy could so important?

Enjoy Every Moment

Over the seasons we have seen so many people come onto the show. We loved so many of them. And then life happened. They were no longer alive. Enjoy the people in your life because you never know when they will be gone.

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  1. Not a show I have ever watched, but when you consider how many shows are out there we can't watch them all can we not if we don't want to spend all our time clued to the tv