Sunday, September 25, 2016

Silence Please

The other night I was at work, and well there was this woman that I actually like. But she talks a lot. And when I mean a lot I mean non-stop. It normally doesn't bother me because she talks about her day to day life. And there is a lot going on in her life. So it is entertaining. She is just a very verbal person.

But that night I was in no mood to listen to her. I don't really know why. Just the sound of her voice was annoying me that night. I just wanted to ask her do you ever shut up? I already knew the answer to that question. The answer is no she never does shut up. Not really and if she is quiet you wonder if she is feeling okay.

I've tried to figure out what it was that bothered me so much that night. And all I could think is I was craving silence. There are just times when I don't want to listen to anyone. And the statement I want to make is silence please.


  1. My sister Sue is a loud talker and when we say loud we mean loud 5 minutes with her and you have a headache, there have been times when mum and dad have seen her car pull up out the front of their house and mum says time to take headache tablets we love her but she is a headache waiting to happen.

  2. Can't argue with that! My brain goes into overload if there's nonstop talking. Sometimes silence is quite golden.