Thursday, September 8, 2016

Stop That Home Invasion

Do you remember that movie Home Alone? You know the one where the family forgets the kid while they go on vacation? Part of the action of the story happens when there are two thieves who decide that all of the homes are great pickings because so many people are on vacation. There is nobody home and they can get away with theft with nobody noticing for a week or so.

So how do we protect our homes when we take that much needed break in our routines called vacation. Here are a few suggestions that can help everyone protect their home.


Your neighbors are your first line of home defense. Believe it or not your neighbors know a great deal about you. They know your natural comings and goings. They also know who usually comes to your home. This is a true story. When I first moved into my home, my neighbors didn't know me. They saw strange movement in the house and called the police. I always let my neighbors know when I am leaving town. It's well worth bringing them back a t-shirt in exchange for the extra set of eyes on the house.

Stop The Mail

It's so easy to do. You can either go online to or go to your local postal station to put a hold on your mail for trips when you are gone over three days. And it can be held for up to 30 days. And you decide whether you want to go to the postal station to pick up your mail or have them bring it all to you. Going along with this don't order any items before you go. Different companies use different delivery methods. And you can't put a hold on UPS. It's better not to have a package sitting on your porch while you are gone.


If you have time set your lights to a timer system before you leave town. If someone is watching your home, they will be less likely to bother a lit home.


Have someone come feed your pet. I always choose someone other than my neighbors. That way someone else is in the house while you are gone. It's an extra set of eyes on your house. But make sure you let your neighbors know who is coming to feed your pet.


Make sure you set up a ride if you are flying. Park your car in the garage. It makes it just a little less tempting for individuals to steal a vehicle if you are gone.

With a little planning you can do a lot to assure that your home is safe while you go on your next vacation. And if you want a more thorough checklist checkout Your Ultimate Pre-Vacation Home Security Checklist on the Simplisafe blog.

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