Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Porch

This is Captain writing today. I have decided to tell you about my new favorite place. My new favorite place is the porch. Since my pet human doesn't really like it when I venture outdoors, the porch is the closest that I can get to the great outdoors.

My pet is a little more understanding of my desire to be on the porch. But that does not mean that she is always willing to cooperate with my plan to sit in the sun and watch the birds from this wonderful place. So being the intelligent feline that I am I have devised plans for obtaining more time on the porch.

It begins this way. Each day there is something called the mail that arrives at our home. My good and obedient pet goes to the porch each day to get the mail. I follow her to the door each day. She often tries to tell me that I don't want to go out right now. It's her way of trying to convince me to do what she wants. But it doesn't work.

The next step in gaining freedom on the porch is waiting for a moment. The perfect moment is the moment I am looking for. Now there are those asking you when is the perfect moment? The perfect moment is when my darling pet opens the door and enters with her hands full of mail. That is the time when I can always make my escape to the porch. You see my pet is always paying more attention to what is in her hands than to what I am doing. And I am able to escape for a period of time to watch the birds and recline in the sun.

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