Thursday, September 1, 2016

Where Did It Go?

August has come to an end. Where did it go? It's like the month flew by. I had my vacation, and started a new position. At the beginning of the month I posted Coming Through. This listed my goals for the month of August. So how did I do with my goals in August? Let's take a look.

My first goal was to put together a new art journal. Well, I thought about doing this, and I know how I want it to be put together. But it didn't get any further than that. I was disappointed that I didn't accomplish this when I look back on it. But it is a work in progress. So it'll happen. Maybe this week. The good news is in August I took more time to doodle and paint which are things that I enjoy doing.

My second goal was to get some business cards for my blog. I ordered them. And I can't wait to receive them. They are so adorable. This goal was accomplished.

The third goal was to get outside. If you read my post An Afternoon Walk, you know that I completed this goal. In fact I've been outdoors hiking on my days off. I enjoy seeing the world around me. And it's great to see what is available in the town I live in.

My last goal was to clean the garage. Well, I started working on this, but it's another one of those works in progress. But there is less of a mess than when I started. Time to keep working on this one.

So how do I want this month to run? What should I accomplish this month?

New Exercise Day

Since the doctor told me that I need to exercise more, I have added exercise to my days off. Now it's time to add another day during the work week. It seems pretty easy and I know I can do it.

Clean Out That Silverware Drawer

I don't what happened, but that drawer is a mess. Everything is all jumbled up. And it needs wiped out. This month I'm going to clean it out thoroughly.

The Garden

Plan out what bulbs I want to plant for the spring. Start cleaning out some of the weeds from the tulip bed. And then order the bulbs I want to plant.

Revisit My Blogging Goals

In the spring I set up some vision ideas for my blog. I need to go back and work on that plan more. Actually I just came up with a main goal. I need to see what I want to do with this, and what direction I want to take. I want to keep things fresh and I want them to reflect who I am. What do I want and need to do to get to those places.

So what do you want to accomplish this month?

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