Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Looking Back and New Goals November

Each month I take a look back at what I wanted to accomplish in the past month. And then I take a look at some things I want to accomplish in the upcoming month. In my post October's Movement, I set goals for the month of October. Let's see how I did.

Zentangles and Coloring

I have set aside time to color each week. And it has helped me relax. I've been coloring in a book of stained glassed windows. It's so much fun to pick out the different colors to make the picture come alive. I didn't zentangle, but I did do some other sketching. I think that actually kind of counts since it is moving toward getting me out of the rut I was in and doing creative things.

Get New Eyeglasses

This is accomplished. I can see better, but not perfectly. Why is that? But the day I got my new glasses I was surprised at how much brighter so many things were than I originally thought. Guess I waited just a little too long.

Planting Bulbs

This one is not all my fault. We had an unusually warm October. And I didn't want to plant the bulbs too early. The point is for them to bloom in the spring not this fall. The bulbs are going to be planted as soon as it gets cool enough.

Find Out About Fuses

I didn't do it! Time just got away from me. And I still don't know which fuses I need. How can a whole month go by without me doing this? But it can happen.

So I got a 50% on meeting my goals for October. Not good, but better something than nothing. And getting those eyeglasses was really an important thing. But what do I want to accomplish in the month of November?

Junk Book

I have a bunch of cardboard pieces I've kept that I've told myself that I will put together into a junk notebook for myself. I'm going to get that going this month. I just need to sit down and do it. And it is recycling some of that waste I seem to produce.

Hair Chalk

I've been watching some videos about hair chalk. And I've got to try it! It looks really easy to use. And if I don't like the colors they wash out in just a couple of days. It's perfect!

Hike A State Park

I love the trails, and I want to build up my hikes to something more adventurous. So this month I plan to go to one of the state parks and go hiking. There is one less than 45 minutes from my house, I just need to get myself out of bed early enough to make it worth going to the park. That's the real challenge.


Yes, November is the month when I get to rearrange some of my benefits for my job. I'm going to go and take a serious look at how I have my money arranged. And I am going to see if there are any other benefits I really want. I will not put this off!

So these are the major things I want to accomplish this November! What do you want to accomplish?

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