Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Suddenly, It All Made Sense

I used to wonder how some things happened. Like I used to wonder why is it that some of the young men in my neighborhood wear their pants with the waist band half way down their legs.

I used to wonder why the staff at the local grocery store can encourage you to use the self check out lane when you have an entire cart of groceries. But if someone has two items the staff can suddenly go to a register and ring them up so they can get through the line quicker.

I used to wonder why is it that there are some people I work with that can just stand and talk all day. They never seem to really do anything, but if other individuals do that management seems to tell them they need to get to work.

I used to wonder how some individuals get elected to office. They just don't seem to have any sense. They just don't seem like they have their act together. They seem to say whatever pops into their head.

Then suddenly, the other day it all made sense to me. You see I saw the results of the election.
And I realized everyone has just gone mad!

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