Saturday, November 5, 2016

The Day Those Geeks Took Over

Last weekend the geeks took over the local convention center. I had to go be part of that take over. Fantasticon 2016 in Fort Wayne was in full gear. I was so glad that this convention hit my home town. Since I now have to work weekends. It is almost impossible for me to get away to see some of these wonderful fan events. And I absolutely love these events.

I've always found that fans of fantasy and science fiction are some of the most creative individuals. And they are not afraid to be themselves. While the average person might think it's strange for an individual to dress up like characters from Star Wars, I think it's grand. And I am always amazed at the level of authenticity most of the costumes have. These costumes take love and dedication.
And then there are the booths and those artists who are more than willing to tell you about their books. They want to share their artwork with you. And of course there is all of that fantasy world merchandise is available. I always seem to come home with interesting items that I don't need, but I really do need because the only place you can get it is at a comic book convention.
It's important for me to point out that those geeks that took over really did drain my wallet last weekend.

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