Saturday, November 26, 2016

This Week I Am Thankful For

This week has reminded me that I need to be sure to let others know what it is that I am thankful. Life is so full of so many things that are wonderful. Here are a few of the things that I am thankful for this week.

Thrift Stores

Yeah, I love them. And my house is all cluttered because I love them so much, but hey I spend way less than most people on some of my thrifting addiction. And it's good for the environment. And my cat loves all the items I bring home.  Anyway, I can redecorate my house on way less than most people.


I absolutely love the color blue. It doesn't matter what shade of blue it is I always pick out something blue. All of the other colors in the rainbow, I like, but just not as much as blue.

Good Girls Revolt

I love this show. If you guys haven't seen it, you should. It's all about the ladies that worked at News of the Week in the seventies. They portray the ladies who filed a lawsuit and won because they were not allowed to move up in the news organization. The show is interesting, and I love the clothes. It is a blast from the past. And well I often forget how these ladies made life a lot easier for me.

Hair Chalk

One of my goals for the month was to get some hair chalk. I did it, and I absolutely love hair chalk. I can test out different colors in my hair. Splat is so cheap and so easy to use. I love all of the colors available. And I love that it isn't permanent. If I don't like it, it washed away the next day.

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