Thursday, November 24, 2016

Those Thrifty Finds of The Week

Somehow I've been managing to fit in some extra creative time recently. It feels great. But the ideas just seem to flow right now. Even though I have to purchase a lot of items at the craft store. You know paint etc. I have found that along with my desire to create found art. Upcycled and recycled art are things I am enjoying too. So here are a few of my thrifty finds for the week.
I loved the pink fabric in this little girls dress. And it gave me an idea for some cute additions to a stuffed animals. And I got the fabric for less than a $1. Score!
A few weeks ago I did a post called Finding Some Creative Inspiration. In that I visited a local gallery to find some ideas. I also thought that I need to look around at some simple ideas. I saw this pillow case with an oriental pattern printed in it. I liked the pattern. And I plan to incorporate some of it into some of the doodles, artwork, and who knows what in my life. That's a lot for less than a $1.
Okay, so I found a snowman felt tree skirt. I loved that it has loads of blues in it. And well I really wanted the head on the Barbie doll for a project. Both were less than a $1.
I wasn't sure what I would do with tinker toys. But I knew they were a find! I love them.
I've always found that children's books are full of great illustrations. I've taught myself how to draw a few different animals from the pictures I've found in children's books. I am no great artist, but it's an inexpensive way to learn how to draw. 3 for $1.
So I've wanted to add some things to my art journal pages I've started working on. These rubber stamps are just something I could add. $3 for the set I am so lucky.

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