Sunday, November 6, 2016

What A Wonderful Week

I listen to people talk everyday about how they don't want to do things. How they just seem bored with life. The comment I hear so often is yeah, I'm here. And I always think to myself how sad that is. I've always found that pretty much every week is a wonderful week.  These are a few of the things that have made this week a wonderful week.

Inflatable Halloween Decorations

I really enjoyed all of the Halloween decorations that I have seen around town. But one really made me laugh. I saw it when I was driving down the street. There was an inflatable skull as tall as I am on a porch. And the eyes were rolling round and round. It was just not what I expected to see as I drove down the road.

Pit Bulls

While I was out on a walk this week, I heard someone call the name Fifi. I expected to see a poodle. I never expected that there would be someone calling a pit bull Fifi.

It's Safe Now

I was at work the other night. A co-worker was doing some work in area where a supervisor couldn't see here. After a while, she came out of the area. She stated "It's safe to come out of hiding now." Just then the supervisor walks around the corner and yells her name. All I could do is laugh. It's never safe to come out of hiding is it?

Orange Cinnamon

I was making some candy this week. It involved boiling some orange peels and cinnamon. The house smelled wonderful.


Yes, I mentioned it earlier in the week, but it was so much fun to see people enjoying all the different aspects of the fantasy world. I love comic book conventions!

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