Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Why Being A Blessing To Others Helps You Become More Successful

Today I'm lucky I have a guest post by the author Tim Carthon. He is the author of the book Screw You, which you can learn more about after you read his fantastic post.

Being selfless is one of the most selfish things one can do.

Stay with me here.

I’d been saying this for a while, and several years ago I saw 2x NBA® Champion and now award-winning sports commentator Kenny Smith say the same thing on the award-winning TNT® show ‘Inside the NBA®.’

I just looked at the television and smiled.

You see, personally doing something positive for another (without your primary purpose for doing so
being about possibly receiving something in return) is one of the most beautiful things a human can do.

And that beauty manifests itself in extended moments of euphoria for the giver, which can become
addictive. So one has to ask themselves:

“Am I being selfless for them, or selfless for the euphoric feeling I get from it?”
When I think about success, I see it on two different levels: Business and life, and selflessness plays a
part in both.

Take the question I asked above; a question that, on a personal level, is steeped in depth.
Unfortunately, in business, the answer to that question is much less nuanced.

Businesses, specifically larger ones, show their supposed selflessness through charitable giving.
However, these companies will give to charities in hopes of:

1.) Saving on their taxes through charitable contribution tax write-offs.
2.) Getting some good PR out of it, which can potentially boost sales and, thereby, investment.

Well isn’t that selfless of them? (Do I even need to say, “Hashtag ‘sarcasm’”?).

There is a chapter in my new startup business infrastructure book, SCREW YOU! Startup Business Tips to Destroy Doubt, Especially Inside You (Tips 1-20), where I talk about how greatness is a combination of what’s in your heart and how your business can be branded.

The first thing (heart) helps people, which, in turn, spreads the positive word about you, which helps
builds the second thing (business branding). However...

...there is a hope that those acts breed a particular monetary result, and, to me, reaching success is,
ironically, a different business model.

In my model of success, acts of selflessness in and out of the office, as well as spirituality, are just as
important as your business’ bottom line. And when doing a selfless act isn’t focused on whether or not you will get something in return for it, the act itself fills you with something that money cannot buy: A Why Being a Blessing to Others Helps You Become Successful
By Tim Carthon, Startup Business Infrastructure Specialist
feeling of your very existence, as simply a sentient being, making a positive difference in someone else’s life.

So, as you can see, success equals more than corporate profits. Success equals a combination of
spiritual, personal, and financial peace and happiness, and you can’t get that from a profit-heavy
spreadsheet alone.

Regardless, whether or not you bless someone else due primarily to inherent selflessness or selfishness, the positivity from that blessing can inevitably aid in your achievement in both business and overall success in life itself.

So go out there right now and start blessing people in full Oprah Winfrey style...
“YOU get a blessing. YOU get a blessing. EVERYBODY gets a blessing!”
...and watch the success in your life spiritually, personally, and financially positively manifest and grow.

How many times in your life have you been dissuaded from following your entrepreneurial dreams due to either fear of failure (be that fear from yourself or others) or doubt due to the unknown?

Startup business infrastructure specialist Tim Carthon’s new book, SCREW YOU! Startup Business Tips to Destroy Doubt, Especially Inside You (Tips 1-20); the first in his new 5-part business tips book series, gives you streamlined, powerful tips for pivotal decision points that can make all the difference in your business and its startup outcomes.

SCREW YOU! is the quintessential ‘Break glass in case of a fear and doubt emergency’ business tips book for aspiring entrepreneurs; bringing energy to your warrior and light to the unknown so that you can tell fear and doubt “SCREW YOU!” and never let either of them rule your lives again.

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