Wednesday, December 14, 2016

So What's The Difference?

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between some products? You kind of have a vague idea, but all you could do is give a one or two word description of the item. So I decided that possibly we should learn the difference. This is going to be an on again off again series. And I'm going to start with an item that will be in many a Christmas gift this year. There will be votive and tea light candles what is the real difference?

Votive Candles

A votive is a candle that is a couple of inches tall and burns about 12 hours. And we all know that you have to put one of these babies in a holder, or you will have a mess.

Tea Lights

Those little tea lights are much easier to deal with. They are smaller, and they only burn for 6 hours. But there is much less to clean up. They are self contained.

Candle Safety Tips

Because candles involve fire always remember that you need to place them on a safe container. Have any of you had the experience of putting a candle on a counter top, and the candle burns too hot? Yep, you end up with a slight burn ring if you do this. It's not pretty.

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