Saturday, December 24, 2016

Thrifty Finds 2

It's time to take a look at some more of those thrifty finds. As a friend of mine told me the other day, my thrifting addiction could be much worse. I could be addicted to heroin. She's right. So here are a few of the great finds of the week.
So anyone who has seen my thrifty finds posts knows I am a sucker for bags. And one with a blue background and a Harper's 1922 theme is one for me. I love it. It's sturdy, and it is coming in useful. I really love the black little top along with the circles. I have an outfit planned for this top. There is a Valentine's pillow, which I know will come in handy in the nest month or so. And you will see those snowflakes again soon. And that green thing is a squirt gun. All cool finds.
There is a grey shirt that I was looking for. And of course I have a plan for it. Hopefully, it will turn out as well as I see it in my mind. That scarf is silk, but it has seen better days. It will show up again. And I absolutely loved the material in that little outfit. The bowl and angel were just impulse purchases. But who doesn't need a bowl?
Light blue lace is always useful to have around isn't it? And I needed some pajama bottoms so those fluffy white pj bottoms with stars were a great find. And while the slippers won't fit me those little Hello Kitty patches on them will be useful. You can never pass up Hello Kitty finds.
Okay we all know I love shoes. Those zebra stripe ones are too big, but they are way cute. They were cheap, and there is a project that I've wanted to try for a while with shoes. So these will fit in. I found paint and ink what a treasure. It cost less than half of what it would at the craft store. Children's books are great for those crafty projects I do. And well I loved the jewelry. I have a couple of outfits they will go with.

So what do you think of my finds? And what would you do with the items?

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