Thursday, January 26, 2017

Bring Me Some Clothes

I am finally home from that trip to see my mother. I decide it is time to call mom. I want to know how she is doing.

I pick up the phone, and punch send. It rings and it goes to voice mail. I know that she doesn't check the voice mail. So I don't bother leaving a message. It just complicates things for her. Then the phone rings. I look to see who is calling. It's her.

She immediately asks me if I can bring her some clothes. She doesn't have any clothes. I tell her I can't come over today. I reminder her that it's a six hour drive. She replies when are you going to come over? I want to go home!

I think to myself, what do I say? I feel as though I am in an impossible position. I cannot take off and get her what she wants at the moment, and I cannot tell her that she can go home immediately.

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