Sunday, January 22, 2017

Don't You Want Some Cough Syrup?

You look around for a place to sit. There isn't a chair. So you decide that the walker has that little shelf thing on it. You decide that will make a good seat. You plop down.

She's coughing a little. And it looks like it is a lot of work for her to breathe. She tells you that it's worse later at night when she is trying to sleep.

You remember that the doctor ordered some cough syrup while she was at the hospital. You ask her do you want to take some cough syrup? She tells you I don't know. You inform her that it could make it a little easier to sleep. She says yes, that would be good.

The nurse comes in with her medicine for the evening. You tell her that she is having trouble breathing, and there is that cough. The nurse replies, everybody has it. You remind the nurse that the doctor did write a prescription for a cough medicine maybe it would be good to give her some.

You wonder to yourself how is this going to work out when I need to go home?

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