Friday, January 13, 2017

Magic Wand DIY

Little girls love to play with magic wands. And they are a fantastic compliment if you decide to put together a fairy costume. But you may not be able to find a wand that fits your costume or you personality at the local store. So of course I decided to make one. I knew I wanted a pink wand this time but how would I do it.

I remembered that pink scarf that I purchased at one of my thrifting trips. It was in my Thrifty Finds Week Three post. You can check out some of my other fabulous finds for that week by following the link. They are always pretty cool. That pink scarf I'm talking about is in that basket. I decided that it is was time to put that scarf to use in the magic wand project.

Here's What You Need

pink fabric
a stick
pink paint
a star pattern
hot glue gun

Here's What You Do

Take the stick and peel all the bark off of it. It can get a little messy so make sure you put some paper underneath it. Next take your star and pink it to the pink fabric.
I really liked the pink shiny material from that scarf. What I didn't think about was the elastic in the scarf. And that the scarf was a little feathery. It was a little messy to cut out. So keep this in mind if you get a scarf like this one. I originally planned to sew the star together and stuff it. But the elastic made it impossible for me to sew together and keep it looking like a star. I decided that I would need to glue it together.

I took that stick and painted it pink. It was super easy to do. Next I got out that glue gun. I glued one of the starts to the stick. I looked fine. I glued the second one to the stick. Then I glued the edges of the star together.
I like the way it turned out. The fluffiness of the fabric didn't need stuffing for it to look full. And gluing the edges of the star made it more sturdy. Let me know what you think of the project. But I do believe that is a super simple and inexpensive craft project for those girls of all ages who want to play fairy.

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