Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Oil Boom

Did you know that the first major oil strike was made in 1901, on this day near Beaumont, Texas. It is the beginning of a love affair between America and petroleum. Over the past few years the use of petroleum based fuels has become a huge discussion. What are the pros and cons of this fuel source? And will it run out?

Well, pretty much everybody agrees that it will run out. It could be as soon as forty years. That's not really that long if you ask me. So if I could have my way, I would love to see a few things change.

And the one place that I would love to see a change is the auto industry. I would absolutely love to see a move toward more electric cars. I've heard individuals complain that they would have to plug the car in. When I hear this, I always think about when I was growing up in northern Minnesota. It gets really cold in Minnesota in the winter. And we all know cold weather can be hard on a vehicle. A lot of individuals plug their car in in order to keep it warm through those cold nights. Nobody thinks that is strange or inconvenient. It's just much more practical than having a vehicle that won't start in the cold.

So why would plugging your vehicle in be a hassle in other places? Wouldn't it just become accepted? Wouldn't it just become part of our daily routine?

We all know that one thing will not change the dependence on fossil fuels, but doesn't have to start happening?

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