Thursday, January 5, 2017

Staying In Touch

I have to admit staying in touch with people is not one of my strengths. I really do like spending time by myself. And well I work an odd shift so that kind of complicates things. I think about calling people around 3:00am. Most people don't like that. So when I do think of contacting people I just don't. But how do I keep in touch with individuals on a more regular basis?

A couple of months ago, I picked up some coloring books that were actually postcards. They are pretty cool! I really enjoy coloring, and well the postcards are my own works of art in a way. The first book that I colored in was Secret Garden.
It has loads of flowers to color. And I can color them any way I want to. But I'm sure there are those of you asking how does this help me stay in touch with others? I also enjoy receiving mail. I used to send out a lot of postcards through postcrossing. I just stopped for a while. And I looked at the site today, and I remembered how much fun it was to receive those cards. So I decided I should stay in touch with individuals who live far from me by sharing some of these postcards that I color.

I thought this may be a really personal way of me letting individuals know that I am thinking of them this year.

How are you planning on staying in touch with those you care about?

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