Saturday, January 28, 2017

Super Easy Upcycled Gifts 1

My faithful followers already know that I love to thrift. You also know that I love to upcycle items that I purchase. Recently, I had to make an emergency trip to visit family. You can read It's Five Am and The Phone Rings, if you want to learn why I needed to make that trip. I had to have someone take care of my animals while I was gone. One of my friends stepped up to the plate. And I decided I needed to put together a gift for her.

If you read my post from yesterday, Thrifty Finds Week 6, you can see some of the really great items I scored during a thrifting trip. I had those items with me, so here are two of the gifts I came up with that are really easy to make.

The two items that are going to be upcycled today for this gif are on the left hand side of the picture above. The phone frame is first item. And that little top with the hearts all over it is the next item.

I decided that the angels on that frame were really cute, but it just needed a little extra pizzazz! So I decided it just needed a little coat of paint. I grabbed some pink paint. And I went to work.
This is how it turned out.

I thought it turned out just as I expected. I didn't have any photos with me or a way to print any out so I decided she could pick one of her own out to place in the frame.

So on to the next super easy upcycled goodie. I purchased a pair of leggings earlier that week. I decided since my friend has a love of leggings I would add a little something extra to a pair for her.
I got out that shirt, isn't the fabric fun? I cut out two hearts from the fabric, and then pinned them onto the leggings around the knee area. Then I got out the fabric glue, and attached the hearts.
They turned out like this. It added a personal touch to the leggings.

I gave my friend this and a couple other items for watching the beasties. I was a little worried when I was making the leggings that I would be forcing my love of cuteness on my friend. But she loved the gifts. So this upcycling was quite the success. And it allowed me to complete the two projects I reqire myself to complete before I go thrifting again.

Let me know what you think of the items. And do you have anymore suggestions fir items that could be upcycled.

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