Monday, January 2, 2017

This Year's Word

A new year is here, and it's time for me to choose a Word of the Year. Last year in my post New Year New Word, I selected the word detail as my word for 2016. And yes, I did make some progress on becoming more detail oriented. There are some things that I pay more attention to than I used to. I probably will never be a person who cares a lot about details, but I am making effort to do the necessary.

So what is the word for this year? The word is PROMOTE.

So why did I choose promote as my word of the year? It's simple I have loads of great ideas. And I put some of them in action. I talk about getting things moving. But somehow I don't do it. So this year I want to make a concentrated effort to promote some of the great ideas I have. I want to make progress. And I really want to move toward some of my goals. And that involves furthering the progress of them.

So what are your goals for the year? Have you chosen a word of the year?

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