Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Thrifting Finds Week Five

So another week of thrifting has taken place. I forced myself to wait until I had completed at least two projects from the last thrifting expedition. It motivated me to complete some things around the house, and to create items out of those thrifty finds. So what did I find this week?
I have always been a fan of magazines. But it feels like they have become so expensive. So I picked up a couple at the local thrift store. I spent $1.25 on three of them. I also picked up some of those really cute plastic bags that I will need for that craft fair that my friend and I participate in. And well a Snoopy toy is a must. And one of those impulse buys a maraca. All of it cost less than $4.00.
I got a little children's fairy book. I just love fairies, and the pictures are going to be a fairly cool little project I think. I grabbed a children's grab bag which cost $1.00. It has loads of little useful items. Mardi Gras coins were included in that packet woohoo! I also found a memory book for .50! I don't really like the design on it, but the rings and paper are well worth the change I spent. And then that super cute fisher price toy was $1.00. I plan to put those to use with those adorable storage jars I made. Check out the post for a really cute DIY project. DIY Hello Kitty Storage Jars
So there is a great project for the skirt. which was $1.50. I think it was super cute. And well hopefully, you all will enjoy the creation. The frogs were another grab bag that actually cost more. I debated, but I got it. I was a little disappointed with this purchase. The three frogs I really liked had a chip in each on of them, but no need to fear I have ideas for those chipped frogs. And if you see little cigar boxes you always have to pick them up. They are just so great for storage and projects. This one was $.50. And the book had some really adorable woodland creatures in it, and well you can never have enough of those.
I scored a super crafting find with that crafting foil. It only cost a dollar. The lace blouse was too difficult to pass up. And the little bracelet goes perfect with an outfit I have. Valentine's Day will be here before we know it. It's less than a month away. So those love bug glasses will probably show up in a post somewhere. And once again the Ranger Rick book jumped off the shelves into my cart.

Let me know if you have ideas on ways I can use these thrifty finds this week. And don't forget to follow the blog you'll be able to see the thrifty finds and how I put them to use.

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