Sunday, January 1, 2017

Thrifty Finds Week Three

Once again it is time to see what I have found this week while I was out thrifting. The thrift stores have been good to me. And I love to share what I have found. And kind of what I was thinking when I purchased the items.
I found a really great picture book that I have been looking for. It's for my art journaling. And the price was really great $3 I also found some thread trim and rubber stamps that I just could pass up. Rubber stamps are really expensive so if I find some that I like I always try to snag them. Four of them for $1.49. And then the black fabric you see there is a jacket and top made out of velveteen. I love the bead work on the jacket. I'll show you what it looks like when I put together the perfect outfit. And the cupcake is actually a bank. Now I can save a little more for those thrifting expeditions.
I found a great storage box for dirt cheap. Much cheaper than I could get one at a regular store so I snagged it. The pink and black striped material is a super cute top. And I needed a new candle holder. It reminded me of the Moroccan designs I really love. It had the price tag from the original store it was purchased at. It cost $20. I got it for $3. There were some crafting supplies that I needed so I grabbed those. And that little pink wallet I just could resist. I'm not sure whether I am going to use it or tear it apart for the heart on it. Probably both.
I needed a binder for some of my ideas and clippings. I found one for $.49. Am I a super shopping or what? The shoes I got to go with that velveteen jacket. And that belt has the greatest medal medallions on it. Once again will I use it for a project or a belt. I haven't decided. And that mirror is part of a gift. I love the blue glass that is around the mirror.
I found another storage basket. That was dirt cheap. Also that book just jumped out and said buy me. How could I pass up a book called Permission to Party? The pink scarf is going to be part of a DIY project. And well the Bambi picture is just too adorable. I was at a store last week and saw loads of really cool peacock items, when I saw that peacock picture I thought I want it for something. I'm not sure what yet, but it will be a great project. And there is that great grape colored formal. It is brand new, and it was only $4.50.

So what have you found on your recent shopping trips? And how do you think these items should be recycled and reused?

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