Sunday, January 15, 2017

Tips To Preparing Great Fish

Everyone knows that fish is super healthy. But if it isn't prepared right it can be one of those foods you have to eat instead of enjoying. So here are some tips on preparing fish that tastes great.

You Nose Knows

If you go to the market to purchase fish, make sure you take a whiff of it. If it smells fishy, then pass it up. Fresh fish should smell like the ocean. The market should smell clean. If it smells like ammonia buyer beware

Fillet Please

If you don't know how to fillet the fish, ask the market to cut the fish up for you. It will just make life simpler. There is no shame in not knowing how to fillet the fish. Better to have it done right, than to spend money on good fish and have it go all wrong.

Cover Me

Before you store the fish you purchased, rinse it off. Then place it on a flat platter with the skin side up. Cover it with plastic wrap. And then place baggies full of ice on top of it. Make sure to use the fresh fish within 24 hours.

Fresh Vs. Frozen

Like most things in life, fresh fish is going to taste much better than frozen. But sometimes you just can't get fresh fish so it is perfectly acceptable to use frozen fish.

Is It Done Yet?

You can use a thin metal skewer and insert it into the fish in order to know when you fish is ready to serve. When you place the skewer into the fish there should be a slight resistance, and then it should be body temperature or slightly higher if you press the skewer to the back of your hand.

Tools of The Trade

Don't use tongs! You should use a flexible fish spatula if you are a more advanced cook. But inexperienced cooks should use a non-stick pan and a plastic spatula.

Do you have any other tips to preparing great fish?

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