Monday, January 16, 2017

You're Kidding Right?

Another morning arrived and you hear the phone ring again. This time it is 4:30am. Once again it's your bother. That's twice this week he has interrupted your sleep. But then again you know it is probably important so you answer it.

He apologizes for calling in the middle of the night. You think get to the point I want to get over whatever it is he needs me to do.

It's mom, there's a problem where she is staying. She says they won't help her out and that she is sick. Can you go check on her?

You get up and get dressed. You head down the elevator outside. You walk in the parking lot, and you start sliding. Oh, yes, you think to yourself there was an ice storm warning tonight. You drive across town to the facility.

You go into the facility and go to your mother's room. She immediately tells you, "You have to get me out of here right now." You think to yourself You're kidding right?

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