Wednesday, January 18, 2017

You're Not Going To Move Her

It's time to return one of those phone calls. You know you need to talk to your aunt. She wants to know what's going on. You call her, and she responds. She tells you that your mom called her during the night.

You tell her about the events that occurred in the morning. Your aunt says she called your brother at four in the morning? You guys are going to have a hard time with her. Your aunt tells you that she isn't happy about being at that facility. But that she has to stay there so that she can recuperate.

You inform your aunt that she wanted you to take her home. You inform her that your mother that you will go look for some other places that she can go through rehab at, but that I couldn't take her home at that moment.

Your aunt informs you she'd better behave herself or they are going to kick her out of there. Then she will never get to go back to her apartment. She then asks you're not going to move her are you?

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