Monday, January 30, 2017


Remember back in the 70's there was a television show called zoom? It was on Pbs in the afternoon line up for children. Well, if you do you'll be disappointed because that is the not the zoom I am going to talk about today.

The Plot

I'm going to talk about the 2016 movie Zoom. The movie stars Alison Pill who plays Emma. Emma works in a sex doll factory, but she draws comics on the side. She has created a film director character named Edward, who has created a film starring the wanna be novelist Michelle.

What I Think

If the plot I described above sounds a little confusing, it is. The story weaves together three different stories that are interconnected. I actually like the story lines. Emma who has decided that she needs breast augmentation. And she spends her savings to do it, but then she doesn't feel that it is really her. And she wants the surgery undone. She doesn't have enough money to do this.

I like how it points out that you may think you want something, but it may not be exactly what you wanted. I also like that she enjoys comics. The animated sections of the movie I really enjoyed, but her character Edward I didn't care for too much. He was self centered though.

And Michelle is interesting. She is beautiful, but she wants to be taken more seriously. And she puts together a story that connects all of the stories in the movie.

This movie is not excellent. There are times when it is a little confusing, but if you stick it out to the end it makes sense.

It has an arthouse feel about it. And it does have some graphic sexual scenes. So it doesn't surprise me that it wasn't a big hit. But I can see it developing a cult following. The main reason for that is it has some really quirky characters.

So you can decide for yourself whether you want to watch this movie!

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