Thursday, February 16, 2017

Can You Speak English Please?

There is a lot of talk about immigration recently. It seems like I hear everyday about immigration reform. I hear people say that newcomers need to learn to speak English. And I could go on and on. And so many of these things make me wonder if immigrants are a problem like so many individuals make them out to be.

About the time I started wondering about this, I came across this video put out by The University of California.

In the video Waters brings up some really interesting ideas. One of them being that immigrants want to learn English. They are filling up classes to learn the language. I thought about all of the people who I have heard complain about people not being able to speak English. And I wonder if they have thought about just how difficult it can be for an adult to learn a new language. But still there are members of the immigrant communities lining up and taking the challenge to speak English.


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