Thursday, February 9, 2017

Faith In Every Footstep

Sometimes we are all faced with decisions to make. If you are like me you don't really like to make some of the decisions. So when I had the chance to read a book that is all about decisions I grabbed it.
Faith in Every Footstep by Wesley Banks is the book I'm going to talk about today.

The Story

Dog sled races are tough, and the fear of every team is a storm during the race. Kyle wants to win the big 1000 mile race. But then that storm comes, and he is presented with a decision to make. Should he help a girl named Faith, or should he keep trying to finish the race he wants to win.

What I Think

I liked this book. Like I said in the intro I was attracted to it because Kyle is faced with a decision. I like how the author found a way to add a twist of drama into the story. The story isn't just about the dog race. It's about doing the right thing. It's a story about survival. It's a story about adventure. And the action doesn't stop. And of course King is an exceptional dog. And who doesn't love stories where animals are a main character?

If you are looking for a well written, and thoughtful book this is the book for you. I couldn't believe it when I read the author's bio and saw that he was an engineer. I wouldn't have expected a story like this from an engineer. But there I go trying to fit people into a pigeon hole. Must remember not to do that.

There is another great thing. Right now if you go to Amazon, the book is free for Kindle Unlimited readers.


I did receive a free book in exchange for an honest review, but the opinions are all mine.

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