Sunday, February 5, 2017

For The Love Of Pink Floyd

Some bands come, some bands go, and some bands remain. Pink Floyd is one of those bands that remains. The band's music has been near and dear to my heart for years. And if I want to date myself. It has actually been decades.

It all began in junior high. There was this album that came out called The Wall. My friend's sister had the album. We listened to it, and I was hooked. Somehow every song on the sounded good. I have to admit that I wasn't sure what all of them meant, but I totally understood Another Brick In The Wall.

I attended a Jr. High where I had quite a few friends, and I was happy with my social life. But in my heart I knew that the school administration saw me as just another brick in the wall. I was one more adolescent there were putting up with. Some put up with us a little better than others.

As a teenager I got to see the midnight movie featuring The Wall. It was awesome. And for some reason the song Mother stood out to me. My mom wasn't bad, or anything that is described in that song. But it really made an impression on me.

Then college rolled around, and Comfortably Numb was the song that was favored. The lyrics jumped out of the Cd and made an impression on my mind. I could listen to it for hours. And the guitar in the song was perfect.

Then in the 90's The Division Bell was released. I spent hours listening to it. I also read while I listened to this album. And somehow one day I was reading The Stand by Stephen King while I was listening to this album. The two seemed to be a perfect match. And they are forever intertwined in my

My friend Billy and I even took the tour bus to see Pink Floyd play live. It was a memory. And I was sad last year when I finally had to send the tour t shirt to the grave because it was just had too many holes to wear anymore.

So do any of you have any memories of Pink Floyd?

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