Sunday, February 19, 2017

Martian Successor Nadesico

Anime is a source of entertainment that is often made fun of. It's seen as a true geek form of entertainment. And being a true geek girl. I occasionally binge watch some anime. My most recent binge was Martian Successor Nadesico.

The Story

It's 2196, and earth is at war with an alien race. The leaders have built a ship that is state of the art called the Nadesico. The crew of the ship is top notch, but they have a few eccentricities. They face battles and personal challenges.

What I Think

I really liked this series. I like how it pokes fun at the anime. I've always thought it shows great self esteem when someone or something is able to make fun of itself. The characters are interesting, and you will like them. It is sci-fi. And it's a good sci-fi show. It shows exploration of space, and what weaponry could be like in over 100 years. And there is a commitment to sending humans to Mars. So the development of a colony on Mars is not too far fetched. And like all good science fiction it takes a look at society now. There is a point when everyone realizes the enemy isn't so different from themselves.

Who Should Watch This

Anyone who is a fan of science fiction will probably like this show. Fans of anime will also love it. But this show is also a good introduction to that world. It does have a humorous side so it is a little light hearted at times. And if you enjoy animation at all you will like this show.

You may have to look for this series though, it was originally shown in Japan in 2005. But there are English copies available. I watched it in English. But it is worth searching out.

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