Saturday, February 4, 2017

Punch That Red Button For Me

I walk into her room. The nurse has already told me she isn't feeling very well today. She told the nurse that she thinks she has a bladder infection. But they have to get a sample to confirm it. And that is the problem. Push fluids if you can.

I walk into the room, she is breathing so much easier than the last time I saw her. That is a really good thing. But she tells me she hasn't slept well. She is having some pain, and she didn't like the staff who was there last night. They just didn't take care of me right.

She says she is doing much better, and I agree with her. She is much stronger. She then tells me to punch that red button for me. She wants to talk to one of the nurses. I push the button. And we wait, and then we wait some more. I ask her what it is she needs. And she tells me that she wants a nurse. I go look for one.

But it is a busy time of morning, and an aide finally sees that the light is on. She comes in, and asks how she can help?

She needed someone to help her to the restroom. It was a simple thing that I take for granted. She apologizes for being such bad company, and I remind her that she isn't feeling good. So it is alright.

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