Sunday, February 26, 2017

The Weight of It All

It's the second day that my mother is home. She has settled in well. But yesterday was a big day for her. She is tired. She tells me there are things she needs so I decide to go to the store to pick them up for her.

She is adamant that she needs weights so she can do her exercises. And I know that the exercises are very important. She says the exercises are what made it so she could come home. And she wants to gain more strength. I'm glad she is taking it all so seriously, but where do I get those two pound weights.

I run to the grocery store to pick up the items she wants. And I completely forget about the weights. She asks about them, and I tell her I forgot. She says it's okay, and says she will do those exercises after I get the weights.

I know that I have to hunt down the weights. They will be easy to find, but for some reason I am at a loss. I go back out later. I find weights, but none of them are 2 pounds. The smallest is the three pounder. Will she want these? Will they be heavier than she is used to. I decide to take a gamble, and I purchase the weights.

I take them back, and she says that she will try the three pound weights. But she reminds me that she only needed one. And then she says she remembers that they only sell them in sets of two.

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