Saturday, February 25, 2017

Thrifty Finds Week 10

Another week has gone by, and well another round of thrifting has occurred. It seems like each time I go thrifting I find really awesome items, so I have decided that I have to now complete three projects before I can thrift again. It's a challenge, but I have a lot of really great items that need to be made into something else. But let's begin the reveal of the finds of this week.
So there's a picture of the goodies for the week. It was an interesting group of goodies.
Sometimes you go thrifting and you just find the regular items. Clothes, books, and kitchen gear. And there are times when you go thrifting and you find a Pegasus. It's those days when you know Jesus loves you just a little extra that day! I found a Pegasus that day! The wings and horn both light up.
I also found a children's shirt with a kawaii sun on it. Isn't it adorable. Had to have it!
I also found some philosophy birthday cake goodies. I got a box which I always like, plus the body wash for a buck.

And I got a Hello Kitty shirt! It really did kind of feel like my birthday with all of these great finds.

Let me know what you all have found recently!

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