Friday, February 17, 2017

Thrifty Finds Week 9

I have once again scored big at the thrift shops. I was reminded this week, that there are a select few of us who truly enjoy thrifting. There are those who simply turn their noses up at the great thrifting hobby. They do not truly understand just how great it feels to get that treasure that is unique at such a great price. They do not understand what it is like to put together the perfect outfit in a store where nothing is meant to match. So for those of you who truly enjoy thrifting, here are my finds of the week.

I got this really cute blue green top with lace at the neckline. It will be great for spring and summer. And then a book about a dragonfly. The face of the dragonfly looks just like a dragon. And a friend of mine is using a stuffed dragon as part of his motivation to loose weight. Those dragon faces will come in handy. And there are a few little pieces of jewelry that I picked up. I also scored that cute little duck hat, and a green blue scarf. I plan to use the scarf to make more of the DIY Magic Wands, I made earlier this year.
You can see some of the jewelry a little closer up. I really liked the heart bow ring. And I didn't mention that centerpiece I found. It's made of mango wood, and I've got a plan for it.
And I also found some other cute little animals for the jars.
That ring reminded me of some of the great Hello Kitty items I absolutely love.
That's a close up of the lace on the top.

Tell me what your favorite find of the week is, and what items have you hunted down recently?

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