Friday, February 10, 2017

Thrifty Finds Week Eight

A thrifting we go. Yes, I completed another two projects for the week, and I have been able to go thrifting once again. And we all know that I love going to those thrift stores. You never know what you will find. Sometimes it is something absolutely necessary. And then there are those purchases you just don't know what you were thinking when you bought them. Let's take a look at what I found this week.
Here are the goods from the find. Looks like a good haul doesn't it? Well, it was. All of the items will be put to good use.
I found some really cute little animals and a Dora the Explorer for the jars that I make. All three cost under a dollar. It was a major score.

I loved the color of this bowl. And lord knows I need bowls for the soups and oatmeal that I eat. And it is one of those heavy stoneware items that I really like. It will be a perfect bowl for that Easy Black Bean Soup I make.
I found a white peasant blouse with lace along it's V-neck collar. I'm a sucker for peasant tops. And that blue thing is a ring. Of course I like the color, but the ring is pretty interesting too.
I really liked the pink lace fabric with this. It seems so dainty. And it will go well with a project I have planned. You'll see!
Here is a sample of one of the pages in the book. It had great photos, that could be enjoyed as a coffee table book. Or it used as part of art journaling.

All of these items are going to be put to use. In fact, the book and the ice cream maker became part of really great present for a friend.

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