Wednesday, February 8, 2017

What Really Sounds Good

Mom is sitting up when I arrive. She is glad to see me. And I feel bad because I am unable to see her more frequently. I have to remind myself that she decided to live six hours away from where I live. It's not my fault that I can't visit more often.

She tells me about her therapy. She has been walking in the hallways with the therapist. She seems proud that she is making progress. She states that the best thing has been the therapist who is helping her learn to eat again. She has had difficulty swallowing for a while, and it got worse with the heart attack. She feels more comfortable eating and drinking than she did before. She doesn't feel like she will choke.

Then I ask, do you want me to bring you something? I ask if she wants Steak and Shake. She says no. But then she says what really sounds good is Red Lobster. I am a little surprised. She says she wants shrimp. I tell her that they have carry out, and I could bring her something.

I ask the nurse about her dietary restrictions and I tell her what she is asking for. The nurse says that shouldn't be a problem. After all shrimp scampi is a soft meal.

I go back to mom's room, and I tell her that the nurse says it's okay. So I will bring her a meal when I come back later.

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