Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Where's The Class?

School is different now than it was when I went to school. Math was different. We learned how to cross out numbers. I understand they don't do that anymore. English was different. We learned how to diagram sentences. I hear they don't do that anymore either.

But there were also so other differences. They were the classes we took. In fact two of the classes that left the greatest impact on my education aren't offered at many schools anymore.

The first class was visual communications. Yes, we studied all sorts of things in this class. I was introduced to so many ways to communicate. We drew, we took pictures, and we printed items. It was loads of fun. And it taught me some valuable skills. One was to be able to print in a very small space. In effect this class taught me how to write legibly. I also designed a house. All of these things have come really handy in my everyday life.

Then in high school I took a class called criminology. We studied famous crimes throughout history. We studied Jack the Ripper, we studied gangsters, and we studied the Manson family. We learned about how society reacted to the crimes. It was fascinating, and we ate up what the teacher taught us.

Sadly, many schools don't offer classes like that anymore. There isn't enough money for them. But I believe that we are missing things in society by not allowing students to explore their world in this fashion. I think we may have a more thoughtful and creative society if we do things like that.

So President Trump, if you really want to make the country a better place to live. Bring back the creativity in education. We really do need it.

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