Thursday, February 23, 2017

Zero K

Ever wonder what a world where money could buy a version of immortality? Have you ever asked yourself, if I could choose to come back in  a different time would I? These are some of the questions asked in the book Zero K by Don DeLillo.

The Story

Jeffery's father is a multi billionaire. His father, Ross, has invested in a heavily in a remote location where it might be possible to cheat death. The cause for this investment is Ross' younger wife, Artis, who is suffering from a terminal disease. Can they actually, end their time in this world now, and reawake to a new world?

What I Think

I have mixed feelings about this book. I felt like Jeffery is an average guy, who is faced with some really weird twists in life. His father is part of a research program that could change the way people see death. He becomes angry when his father, who is healthy, wants to follow his step mother into this induced state of non existence. I could imagine how this kind of decision would feel to him. There were some humorous moments when Jeffery is meeting with the pastor of the group his father is supporting.

But overall, I found the book a little creepy. The videos of natural disasters, and awful accidents that played in the background in the hallways of the facility was just strange. It felt like they all believed there was no hope for mankind. And while the book did explore some interesting ideas. I didn't like the character Ross. He seemed kind of self centered. And he really didn't seem like he cared for his son very much.

But the book is well written, and it does make you think about issues of death and dying that we often don't want to think about.

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