Thursday, March 2, 2017

Clothes Pin Picture Hanger

There are days when you want to change things around in your house, but you don't have the money to redecorate. That's when you need to take around your house and see what items you already have or better can get for next to nothing. Can you take these items and make an inexpensive piece of home d├ęcor? Here is a simple do it yourself project that costs next to nothing.

Here's What You Need

Paint Stirrer Stick
4 clothes pins
paint brushes
E6000 glue

Here's What You Do

Paint your paint stick and clothes pins a variety of colors. After the paint has dried glue your clothes pins onto the paint stick. Once the glue has set. You can hang the stick up on the wall. Then just add your pictures or other items you want to hang up.

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