Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Concrete Angel

Sometimes you drive around and you see something. And you think I really like that, but you continue driving. And then you drive by it again and think to yourself, I should take a picture of that. But you decide you are busy and it will have to wait until another day. And then there is a day when you decide it's time to push your creativity a little further. It's the day you decide to get out of the car and take the photo.

That was what happened with these photos. I loved the angel as I drove past it. But I am a shy photographer. I like taking photos best when nobody is around. But I knew I wanted to see this concrete angel as a photo, so I told myself that I would get that pic today.

Let me know which of the photos you like best. And do you have a difficult time getting out to take photos too?

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