Saturday, March 18, 2017

Thoughts About A Monster Truck

I pulled into a parking lot the other day. And I looked over. I saw something unusual. I mentioned it in my post Life Is Grand. It was a vehicle. It didn't look like the other vehicles in the parking lot. It looked like this.
I thought to myself, I've never really seen a monster truck so I decided to take a closer look. I have to admit this is one sub culture I don't understand. As I walked toward the truck, I wondered what was the first person who created a monster truck thinking about. Why do you need wheels that large? Where was this originator of this truck from?
As I got closer I realized that the body of the truck really isn't the outside of the truck isn't what is important. It's all that orange crap underneath it that is important. That's the real draw to the truck. Those shock absorbers are huge. As long as a leg huge.
And then as I was looking around at the truck. I remembered I once had a friend who worked for Goodyear. I remembered how he told me they had special tools to go out and change those big huge tractor wheels. And I remembered that flat tire I had a few weeks ago. I thought there is no way that I could change one of those tires on this or on a tractor, if I can't change a tire on my car.
Then somehow my mind wandered to Transformers.  Are they just monster trucks that were mutated?
Which led to a strange thought about the movie AI. It's a few years ago since it was put out. It was about a robotic little boy. And I thought about how he developed emotions. I wondered if that was really going to be part of the future.

Then I wondered to myself, why is this truck causing so many random thoughts? I decided maybe it was just time to run into the store and buy the case of pop that I originally came for. Because really are monster trucks meant to cause so much thought?

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