Saturday, April 1, 2017

Goals for April 2017

How can March be over already? It seems like the beginning of the month was just a few days ago. But since it is now April, it is time for me to look at the goals I set for myself last month. Did I complete them, or did I just forget about everything.

In March I wanted to take a road trip. I did complete this. I went to Cleveland with a friend and we visited A Christmas Story House. If you are in the Cleveland area, make sure to go visit. It is well worth that $11 admission fee. And I bet groupon runs some sort of specials with this occasionally.

I also wanted to visit a cemetery to take photos. This so happened. Check out my post Walking Through The Cemetery to see the pictures.

Another goal was to do some work with cement. This is a goal that is started, but not completed. I bought the cement for it. And it is sitting in the house. It will happen. I just need to get a move on it.

And the last goal was to fix the sidebar on my blog. I removed some items that were outdated. The goal was accomplished.

Now, what do I want to accomplish in April. I have put a little thought into it. And these are the goals I have set up.

Vacation Club

I've decided that I really do need to set up a vacation club account. Vacations roll around each year, and I never have the money that I want for the vacation. This month I will research opening an account.

Take A Class

They are expensive, but I recently saw an advertisement for a class teaching marbleizing. It's something I am interested in. It doesn't take a huge commitment of time, and it is inexpensive. I am going to take a class this month.


I tell people they need to add fresh ingredients to their food. And I do use fresh herbs. I have a really great chive plant in the yard. This year I want to make sure I add rosemary to my garden. I will get a planter of it to grow.

Shop Local

I do shop local. But I've decided I should really make a point to make sure I am shopping local on a regular basis. This month I plan to shop at a local store at least once a week. The shops can include food, hardware or pretty much anything local. This should not be a difficult goal for me to accomplish. I just need to remember to do it.

So what do you think of my goals this month, and are you setting goals for yourself?

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