Friday, April 7, 2017

Mr. Picky Pants' Thoughts On The Front Porch

Since my move into the big house. I have noticed something. My roommate Captain enjoys spending time on the front porch. He will make a dash out the front door when the pet human opens the door to get mail. Often the human allows him to spend time out there.

I am a curious animal so I decided the next time he went to go out on the porch. I would explore this a little. I thought it was important to be cautious. I do not want to return to the days of living outdoors. The thought of that makes me shiver.

There was an evening when the pet was home. Captain wanted to go to the porch, and to my amazement our pet human indulged this desire. I decided to move toward the door also. The human informed me that I could go out if I wanted. I gave her the look. Felines all know the look. The one that says don't say stupid things. This was a stupid thing for her to say. I always do exactly what I want to. Thus it is stupid to say that.

I looked at the porch. It does look like it is an interesting place to explore. But I noticed it was a little chilly. And I do not like being cold. So I looked at the pet human and my expression conveyed my thoughts. I was not interested in going out.

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