Saturday, April 29, 2017

Special moments of the week

Every week is special. Every has some moments that are just humorous. And then there are moments that are special moments. They are moments that have made us laugh, think, or just relax. Here are some of the special moments of this past week.

Seeing the sunshine after a thunderstorm. It was so bright against the sky. And it just reminded me that sunny skies are always just around the corner. You just have to wait it out sometimes.

The cashier at the store. He maybe shared a little too much information with shoppers, but he was entertaining. Over the course of a few minutes, I found out a lot about him. His mom was a truck driver. So he moved around a lot. He was from New York, Virginia, Florida, and pretty much ever where else someone named. He also informed me that Crystal Lite was his favorite drink. And he referred to his pen as a him. He had personality. I don't know if any of it was true, but it made for a much more interesting trip through the grocery line.

Binge watching The Mighty Boosh season 2. It is just as funny as the first season. I love the show! If you like quirky shows, then check this show out.

The fuzzy feeling when the cat decides to groom my eyelids. I think he means as a loving gesture. But it feels pretty strange. In a way good, and in a way bad.

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