Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Thanks For The Onion Flavored Gum

A friend or family member comes to visit your home. They tell you they have a present for you. You are excited. Gifts are always a great thing. It's in a gift bag with loads of tissue paper. There is a jar inside of the tissue paper. It's full of gum. You pop a piece in your mouth, and it's onion flavored. You say thanks! But you don't mean it.

Have you ever received one of those gifts that you just don't like? Have you ever felt disappointed when you received a gift? Then here are a few things to remember when you receive those disappointing gift.


Some people just have a knack for picking out the perfect gifts. They are able to remember exactly what suits you. They are those people that just remember those little conversations where you casually mention something you like. For ever person that has this talent. There are probably ten who don't. Some people just aren't talented gift givers.


Some people just love giving gifts. They are those born givers in life. They enjoy the entire process. They enjoy picking out a gift. They enjoy wrapping the gift, and they enjoy the look on your face when they give you the gift. They usually pick the right gift. And they give them often. Yep! These people exist. Most people aren't like that. Many individuals just grab a gift because they have to. They do want to give the gift in a way, but it just isn't their thing.


There are some individuals who want to give you a gift, but they are always just stumped when it comes to what to give you. They may not know you well enough to know what you like, or they may be unsure of what you will like. Remember these people are giving, but they just don't know what to give.

Keep these things in mind the next time you receive that gift you just don't like. Remember the gift is exactly that a gift. Individuals aren't required to give gifts. Just be thankful that you received something. If you take on that attitude, you may find that you actually enjoy that onion flavored gum you received.

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