Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The Meeting Of The Geeks

Yes, last Saturday was Indiana Comic Con in Indianapolis, Indiana. One of my friends noticed this, and said we should go. How could I turn down this gathering. It was so close to home.
So vacation slips were filled out, and surprisingly, I got the time off I desired. The day approached and we agreed on a meeting time. We would depart at 8am on Saturday morning. Mornings are difficult so we started later than we planned. But soon the three geeks arrived in Indianapolis.
Tickets were purchased, and the festivities began. There were costumes to see, items to be purchased. And of course comics to be read.
It's not every day you see Bender out walking around, so if you see him, you must get a photo.
There items I wanted, but felt that $225.00 that day was more than I could afford.
There were items I knew were not everyday finds. But alas I didn't really need them.
But overall, it was a day that reminded me that fitting into mainstream society is highly overrated.

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