Friday, April 14, 2017

The Pansy

This year I tried a few different things for my garden. The first is I started some pansies from seedlings. I love the look of pansies. They are so colorful. And they are fairly hardy.
I decided after I took this picture that I should find out a little more about the flower itself. I wasn't surprised when I learned they are related to viola's. I always want to call pansies viola's because the leaves are shaped the same. But viola's are of course purple, and pansies come in a variety of colors.

I absolutely love that they so often have yellow and along with another color in the flower. And I never really thought about them being edible, but they are. They contain both vitamin A and C. Trying to figure out what I could add them to. I've never tasted them, but since I've decided to grow them from seedlings, this year I may add them to my salads.

Let me know what plants you plan on putting in your garden this year.

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