Thursday, April 6, 2017

Thrifty Finds Week 14

This week I'm going to show you those thrift store finds that I primarily used as a gift. A lot of individuals don't think about it, but you can find some really great items while you are out and about that will fit their personalities. And they will enjoy the gift. You can also purchase a little extra for a person. Twenty dollars at a thrift store goes way further than it does at Yankee Candle.

Here are the items for this week's finds. It's a pretty good score. And over half of the items were used as gifts.
I have a friend who is developing her skills with leather working. But leather is very expensive. I found a suede jacket and a pair of leather pants. They cost me fifty cents a piece, she is using the leather to make new items. It was a  score that made her extremely happy.
I found a brand new soap and lotion from The Body Shop. I spent a dollar, it costs way more at the store. And I found a really great silver bracelet that was a fabulous gift for a friend of my mother's. She needed a birthday gift to give her, and this hit the spot.
Another sweet goodie was the handmade soap with horses on it. It was perfect for a friend who loves riding.
And finally, there is a purple cashmere sweater. The sweater is in bad shape. There is a hole in it, and a couple of buttons are missing. But it's cashmere. At the very least I can unravel it and reuse the yarn. And the best part, it cost fifty cents.

So do you ever use thrifted finds as part of a gift?

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